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Welcome to Soyzellig.party


Make sure to check /q/ for DA RULES.


Two new test boards and VisualEditor for ZelligWiki — by Zoot at 04/07/24 (Sun) 16:14:15

Hello, I added two new test boards: /co/ and /raid/. If they do not succeed, i will delete them.

/co/ - Have you ever wanted to share cartoons and other media that you think other zaryans would like? Have you ever wandered what /co/ would look like if it wasnt filled with coomers? Then welcome to the zarty's /co/ -Comics & Cartoons!

/raid/ - this board is specifically for raid threads. Ready to ride.

VisualEditor for ZelligWiki now seems to work. I will try to add some other extensions, in the hopes of improving the wiki.

Vera stylesheet — by Zoot at 01/31/24 (Wed) 04:11:16

There is now a new Vera (Haggy) theme (not made by me)

Rules and Contacts pages — by Zoot at 01/06/24 (Sat) 19:48:34

I have made a page for DA RULES and a page for contacts, if you wish to contact me or my staff.

Archive (sort of) and a telegram channel. — by Zoot at 12/21/23 (Thu) 09:18:12

A prototype of an archive has been set on rentry. It's perpouse is to set up a list of links of important threads/ pieces of history related to zellig on the sharty/zarty.

And for those of you who don't know already we have a telegram channel for when the site is down.

MP3 is on inline now + ORANGE QUOTE! — by Zoot at 11/03/23 (Fri) 00:45:44

Mp3 will now play, without the need of going to a new page (just like Soyjak.party)

There is now


I might add new markups eventually.

For the people that don't know, there is a Mymy style now. It's based on MayaDark/Dark. The next style will be themed around Coco.

These are the news for now. I am not sure when I will upgrade the servers to dedicated. I may make a telegram group, when that day comes.

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