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>inb4 coomer board
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I am gonna make a few comic strips to better understand my own characters so I can make better narratives
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File: 1716563154046.gif (856.83 KB, 232x232, so fucking zased.gif)

I kneel


Oh damn that was actually really good criticism thanks for making me notice
I am gonna try and make a rework


File: 1716587101758.png (75.67 KB, 217x244, 1713118001956u.png)

thank you for sharing, I liked it even if it was a bit faggy.
did you shit out those characters just for that comic strip or are they in your other works?


I genuinely think that this is the best post on the 'Zarty.


Was about to say the exact same thing when I saw it again

File: 1713747142946-0.jpg (36.67 KB, 594x609, 1704726188703.jpg)

File: 1713747142946-1.png (55.49 KB, 211x218, tomoko_p.png)



a while back a zaryan asked me to document my journy through the manga. I will be giving my thoughts, as i have reached chapter 100.

Why did i decide to read the manga?

I remember when i watched Watamote the Anime. Altough it wasn't anything deep when it came to plot, i enjoyed some of the jokes and thought that it had some parts that were relatable when i was still in school. One thing that really bothered me was the ending. Basically, it felt as if almost non of the issues of Tomoko were resolved. My conclusion was that indeed… there was supposed to be more episodes.

When i looked up for why there is no season 2, people gave different answers, but it was mostly because of not enough interest at the time to justify a continuanion of the show. That being said
i found out that there was a manga, which is still ongoing to this day. I started reading it in the hopes of getting a better ending.



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File: 1713822099918.gif (703.55 KB, 969x969, ShtJkyns0JAc.gif)




The eternal allfather of words, words and more words.


i could have talked more, since this is my impression of Watamote from the anime to chapter 100. I decided to talk about the more relevant stuff.
Next time i would probably not write as much words words words as rn.


Started out good and funny with the embarrassing kino, became yurislop.

File: 1719609660440.jpg (94.79 KB, 603x883, MV5BNTA0ZGVkZTQtY2VlNy00Zm….jpg)


Gonna bring some memories with this one


File: 1719640197321.png (874.51 KB, 1000x985, Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at ….png)

It was funny when I was a young chuddy, curiously the creator went on to create a Unikitty spinoff show for Cartoon Network and worked on the new (slop) Mario Movie


The tourrettes one was funny

File: 1716585482982.jpg (343.5 KB, 1080x761, IMG_20240524_232845.jpg)


How we feeling about this ?


how are we supposed to feel about this


just from the thumbnail? it's ok, might give it a try


i tried it. it didn't manage to make fart gags funny but vehicle slapstick always gets an easy laugh out of me. probably too long for the small number of ideas it has.


Looks disgusting and whole /co/ board should be closed because I say so.

File: 1713242663653-0.png (129.55 KB, 250x427, Lulu(WWG)0.png)

File: 1713242663653-1.jpeg (34.23 KB, 424x723, Lulu-warioware.jpeg)


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File: 1713262187435.png (109.78 KB, 250x427, abominable creature.png)


nu-mymy confirmed




File: 1713921562411.png (74.94 KB, 745x563, Untitled898_20240129192331.png)




her name is lulu?

File: 1716988939757.gif (429.88 KB, 640x358, paswg-panty-and-stocking-w….gif)


I like the Panty and Stocking show


You are homosexual


You are heterosexual


I would usually be offended at the priest molesting children stereotype but he's black so I find it funny


looks like a fun romp albeit probably too foreign for my taste


File: 1717116359959.gif (1.88 MB, 640x360, 06-17.19opt100_O3.gif)

actual pinnacle of animation

File: 1716095077614.png (50.16 KB, 481x203, 7ZthrKYYDe.png)


Talk about the newest spine-tingling, bone-chilling, atmospheric, tranny-killing, terf-radicalizing, nostalgic gem known as SillyPoo from youtube.com




congrats on discovering sillypoo bro ig

File: 1713313735665.png (Spoiler Image, 65.43 KB, 255x224, IMG_1448.png)


I know this is slop made by the same people behi de tbe amazing Reddit circus but it thought it was good. What do you fellow Zaryans think?
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Kys namefag


Xhe's right doe


I don't care about the topic I just hate namefagging.


I watched episode 1 because of this shit thread where op can’t spell and I feel the show “contains the essence of soy” and seems to be ias


up ‘zi

File: 1715370937756.png (69.22 KB, 300x300, 300px-Soystar_chudder.png)


Homestar Runner mogs Ongezellig in every way possible.
Homestar Runner:
>Had a massive impact on the early internet, memes, and pop culture. Referenced to by numerous pieces of media and is known and beloved by millions of people worldwide
>Has been active for almost 30 years, is still making episodes to this very day even after the death of adobe flash, racking up hundreds of thousands of views with each upload
>Is not monetized in any way, its creators don’t beg their audience for money in order to keep the show going + all content is free and readily available to everyone
>Bright, absurdist, nostalgic, and comically genius; never gets old
>Had very little cultural impact, is obscure outside of anonymous imageboards
>Was active for 5 years, had a grand total of six episodes, and then died
>Its creator constantly begs his audience for donation money, has his viewers pay in exchange for content
>Overall dark and depressing undertone, painfully unfunny and forgettable, along with boring and dull characters
Let’s face it /soy/, SOVLstar GEMmer beats Soullesszellig any day of the week. The Brothers Chaps make ART purely for the fun of it. They LIKE what they do, as evidenced by the fact that they have been animating for almost 30 years despite making little monetary gain. Studio Massa, on the other hand, doesn’t like his creation. He uses it solely for monetary gain and nothing else. Studio Massa is not proud of Ongezellig nor its fanbase, unlike the Chaps who wholeheartedly love their creation AND its rightfully obtained fanbase who they let decide what ART they want to see next.
So, which way, chud? Do you choose to side with the abandoned dumpster fire known as Cuckzellig, or do you want to see what a REAL web series looks like?
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File: 1715378424985.png (45.08 KB, 730x1252, redd.png)

>Did literally anyone ask?


>Never heard of it
>looks like ass
>characters have forced annoying voices
>not funny at all
This the best you could pull?


There already is a thread for Homestar Runner you mongoloid.


It definitely isn't as relevant anymore
But trust me in the early 2000 it was everywhere you can thank homestar runner for inspiring tons of artists
Homestuck too


v/ true albeit so what, Homestar Runner mogs pretty much everything bro

File: 1715198159846.jpg (116.1 KB, 1000x1471, MV5BNThjMjk5MzktNjgzOS00N2….jpg)


Any opinions on this classic ? Homestar runner is absolutely gemy for me so many iconic moments you can quote
And also who could forget strong bad


Any time I go back thinking it might have aged poorly I end up pissing myself again

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