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or something
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Thanks for the heads up, I managed to save him


Holy heckin' bajookie land you saved him zaryan!


Lil niglet warned us


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why did he do it?


He knew trump was a zogbot who transhearts Israel so he tried to kill trump to ignite the race war and gas all the kikes

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Plutarco Elias Calles is a Hero that is demonized by retarded X tradcaths. All of his actions were in the defense of religious liberties against violent religious extremists. The Cristeros were bandits that robbed trains, villages, farms etc (often killed the people they robbed) and mutilated/murdered Teachers. They were not le good guys. If you actually read the "ley calles" it is very moderate in it's proposals. Calles was not fighting against religion itself, look up the Mexican Catholic Apostolic Church. He was fine as long as you didn't chimp out. In fact, he sent his daughters to church school.

>b-b-but muh san juan pedro castillo vargas was martyred

Isolated incidents. Very sad, but these things happen in war.

The Ley Calles was common sense. It prohibited the clergy from voting, endorsing any political candidate, wearing their garb outside of places of worship (because it'd obviously be a political move in protest) and joining any political party. This is completely understandable when you realize that the clergy's involvement in Mexican politics is directly responsible for multiple losses of territory, civil wars, rebellion and regressions.

Calles paved the way for a modernized state with land, labor, educational and social reform. He was a major player in industrialization and stabilization after the revolution and the architect of many public works that are still enjoyed today. I am thankful that this statesman took a stand against extremism to protect religious liberty. Imagine if the Cristeros won, they'd still be teaching creationism XD


im sorry, literally who?

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I feel left out because I think I'm the only Maoist on the 'zarty. Most of you are right-wing, and that kinda sucks. At least we all hate (((them))), right guys?
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Who are (you) and why are (you) using my flag?


mb I had my VPN on


I’m the danishfag just on vacation in your country


Hi zuz


Hey Greek guy

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It's really important to learn the history and politic things for trolling alt-right cucks in anime-based green imageboard?

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Lukashenko's bunnies captured on the Poland-Belarus border. What do you think?
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Doesn't even matter since half of Polansd lives in those brown-infested German cities anyway


>t. inbred islander with no knowledge of european matters whatsoever


Poland has to do it's part. It's the least it can do since it's the welfare queen of Europe.


>or something


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By the way Mymy supports Italian irredentism
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>keep [x] like the dog
cheers pal. keep copying my phrases like the dog on a leash that u are


yo is this the shitlituanian from /polcord/? Please make more posts o algo


^ mindbroken my lithuBVLLS if that matters


The leakiest clitty award


the biggest tummy award

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What happened to churro? Tell me, /pol/ immigrants


>another splinter 'board from literal who rvzzianGOD
I love peaches


>I love peaches


>I love peaches


“I love peaches” is a wordfilter from “I love cunn.y”


File: 1720996671390.png (111.79 KB, 520x600, 56068 - SoyBooru.png)

>“I love peaches” is a wordfilter from “I love cunn.y”

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Okay, which countries are the "most aryan" as of right now?
Since you all like to go on about Hitler and 'WC or whatever, which is the most pure and hwite ethnostate to live and raise your A10 family in?
Challenge: Don't say Dutch
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>favela warrior


>>Brazil won both world wars by acting like they were in them and dwelled in the jungle whilst the actual contributors fought


Meanwhile Italy lost and is also overrun by arabs


ZhenyaPozvizd is a zigger who's also the author of that picrel you attached to your post


The United States of America

File: 1717468862988.png (26.06 KB, 644x800, 1221 - SoyBooru.png)


whats your eye color and hair color, zellingnigers
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Greenish silver eyes, pink hair.


File: 1720232950090.png (27.95 KB, 132x133, ClipboardImage.png)

what the hell would the feds even do with someone's hair and eye colour anyway?


identify you in real life


>Da FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS will identify you even doe you're not American and everyone here looks like you



File: 1719452305705.png (631.22 KB, 651x491, 1719325864857i.png)


Zoophilia is a human right

Bait or mental retardation. Call it.
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Dogs r unclean, i own a cat and ive never been more happy






Why do you guys fall for the most obvious of baits



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