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File: 1704344174394.png (4.74 MB, 3840x2160, RDR_Arthur_Coco_2.png)

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Here is a thread, dedicated to the craftsmenship of art. Post your drawings here and share techniques/books/tips that you think may be useful.


File: 1704415480167.jpeg (2.07 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8294.jpeg)

Mymy goes fishing


>arthur morgan coco

I have a small little idea of who might have suggested this one ;]


File: 1704441034070.jpeg (151.19 KB, 1903x931, rZSQlFw.jpeg)


Will this be the gem which saves the zarty?


File: 1704445967282.png (78.83 KB, 177x223, 1699252533947.png)


File: 1704447904740-0.jpg (233.18 KB, 2126x1943, 1691554941678-0.jpg)

File: 1704447904740-1.jpg (201.4 KB, 1836x784, 1691554941678-1.jpg)

File: 1704447904740-2.png (316.92 KB, 1440x1800, 1691555142127-0.png)

File: 1704447904740-3.jpg (447.38 KB, 2688x1402, 1691555142127-1.jpg)

Here are some screenshot from that one draw thread on /qa/


File: 1704447944028-0.jpg (258.38 KB, 650x4128, 1691554920744-0.jpg)

File: 1704447944028-1.jpg (329.93 KB, 650x4128, 1691554920744-1.jpg)

File: 1704447944028-2.jpg (771.33 KB, 4000x2660, 1691554920744-2.jpg)

File: 1704447944028-3.jpg (290.18 KB, 650x4128, 1691554920744-3.jpg)


archive of the thread with some other resources: https://archive.li/oRD3Q


File: 1704539886348.png (249.95 KB, 1388x731, 6FZRelJ.png)

finished for now






Thank you very much for drawnig this


keyed satan


File: 1704648558843.png (39.06 KB, 1084x587, filename.png)






File: 1705576839511.jpg (325.84 KB, 857x1289, schoolocaust_rave.jpg)

Drew a silly. Issa reference btw


Gem, what's that green thing doe


File: 1705592513245.png (655.71 KB, 2048x1192, ClipboardImage.png)

The original pic had an RPG rocket launcher there, i have decided to draw a PIAT instead.


File: 1706518639633.png (13.43 KB, 714x94, BRbKM2upLC.png)

Small preview of something to come


lol nice, although massa's writings are hand written. he did not use a pre-made schrift iirc


He had his own font made since in his earlier videos like here https://youtu.be/JAKY-o2m0PU?t=96 he had letters that were similar to one another that couldn't have been handwritten like in his later videos (or when doing a boiling line effect for it).


I'm no typographist, but I seriously cannot recognize massa's font. I've used thousands of tools on the search for this font, not once have i come close to finding it. I'm ready to give up chuds. I think it's concluded that this font is handmade.


File: 1706819794321-0.jpg (905.66 KB, 1951x2122, 20240201_135458.jpg)

File: 1706819794321-1.jpg (1.29 MB, 2097x2903, 20240201_135534.jpg)

File: 1706819794321-2.jpg (904.98 KB, 2252x2212, 20240201_143024.jpg)

Made a few Mayas




File: 1706923663509.jpg (1.86 MB, 2834x2250, 20240202_165508.jpg)

Did we get too cocky mayabros?


MymyGODs MOG mayacryers


Gemerald 3


File: 1706927036216.png (109.93 KB, 568x320, Mymy over.png)

How will we recover Mayabros..?


>Mayacels don't even have a maya themed "it's over"
It's so over for you


File: 1706953815592.png (111.31 KB, 422x484, 1698608765572.png)

erm… akshually


shining gems


File: 1708024602366.jpg (500.19 KB, 1633x3840, fuckmyshitup.jpg)

I suck, does anybody know how to draw arms and hands?


File: 1708025112572.png (14.05 KB, 556x533, Oekaki.png)

youre good though
and i do it like this or something


Cleo is built for bwc




I think I also have a problem with perspectives or angles or whatever that's called, but yes I know about blocking the hand and dividing the fingers in three parts, doe I don't know how you're supposed to use that when drawing small hands




Hold on, im gonna show ya


You do the same, you just dont go too much into detials because…. the hands are small and are far away. You dont have to always go into details.


File: 1709044764189.png (403.3 KB, 3200x6200, mymy.7.png)

Hey kid, wanna go slash some tyres?


Yoy, xisa!


File: 1709059823563.jpeg (278.99 KB, 1179x1310, IMG_1420.jpeg)

Total Belgian Death


File: 1709060304848.jpg (274.41 KB, 1182x1136, belgianlivesmatter.jpg)

<It's not a war crime if they aren't human


you make this?


No, I wish. I just finally found a good moment to post it


File: 1709062745624.jpg (361.66 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20240227_133547….jpg)

Zeens do something funny with this (yes ik the tits are coomershit, but you can reduce the size of it later): https://parablanks.gumroad.com/l/gwludx


File: 1709064419817.png (84.38 KB, 237x213, 1699893606181.png)

i dont think her chest is that big WTF


this, coño dont look like that at all


>Arguing about chest in art-thread replies


File: 1709068210249.png (62.54 KB, 400x403, this.png)



File: 1709070851862.jpg (299.89 KB, 2285x1713, 66bdbc07-9893-4c36-9080-f5….jpg)

I've got a question, how bad is it if I start by drawing the eyes and then work from there? Everytime I start by doing a circle as the head my proportions look fucked, but if I do the eyes first it seems like the proportions aren't totally awful


File: 1709071159498.png (670.09 KB, 512x768, ClipboardImage.png)


holy shit


File: 1709072836858.gif (2.81 MB, 643x642, 1693760250862.gif)



Looks good, but as for going about doing it, it may seem fine now but I think in the long run it might bite you in the ass in terms of how you'll go about drawing characters and bodies as you develop. Not entirely sure since I'm a beginner artist too, so take what I say with a grain of salt.


Fuck, I guess you're right about the bodies, I haven't been drawing that. I'm just trying to follow the PewDiePie meme advice and draw from references to see where I can get and he focused more on the faces, at least in the beginning. Don't know if that's what I should do too or if I should start practicing drawing whole bodies


It's probably better for your motivation if you focus on stuff you're most excited by and just draw a lot, rather than get bogged in the technicals early on. Sort of like training your ability to adjust your aim is more important than knowing precisely to hit.


File: 1710151747494.png (481.45 KB, 638x638, bongmaya.png)

Maya hittin' that skibidi chungus Myer griddy pack 100 frfr nocap, onGOD 🔥🔥💯💯🗣️🗣️


gem or coal?




I want to point the High on Life gun at Maya


File: 1710581293417-0.png (6.24 MB, 2703x2000, Maya_Cobainboer.png)

File: 1710581293417-1.png (5.57 MB, 2703x2000, Maya_SewerSlidal.png)

>tfw you will never have a giant tentacle husbano come and wreck your nussy (NEET 'ussy)



holy gemerald


bro how long did it take you to make this + gem


erm, saved


the real ending


Like over the course of the week. If not for my job I probably would've finished it earlier maybe, but I'm glad I finally got it done as I did.


File: 1710990801312.jpg (2.98 MB, 2992x2992, 20240320_200524.jpg)


Hey guys, I guess that's it.




@wowmao it's you? Very similar art style ngl


File: 1711104519533.png (397.65 KB, 2000x1300, MymyHebben.png)

Forgot the freckles, but it's late already so whtvr


Add this as an error page.


File: 1711217593605.png (143.68 KB, 606x868, 2024-03-23_21-10-29.png)

i draw this with mouse


Damn she's hot


File: 1711989744934.png (61.51 KB, 1080x1323, MM_thumbs.png)

this thread needs a hero
I cooked this up yesterday




the /ɣɛm/ that saved the thread


immediate medication needed that is not a real letter in the phonetic alphabet what you're looking for is /dʒ/


File: 1712026994029.png (24.8 KB, 86x120, smol coco.png)

Good job, saved


File: 1712042999701-0.png (29.39 KB, 1000x721, CurryInHerNaturalHabitat.png)

File: 1712042999701-1.mp3 (5.55 MB, SmugCurry.mp3)

Curry kinda fucked after getting a hundred rejects from Tinder after 3 months of trying, so this is where she's at now


Song source?



File: 1712451490325.png (136.44 KB, 608x858, 2024-04-07_03-44-33.png)

i finished my work




File: 1712457099840.png (3.93 MB, 2000x2000, MayaStevens.png)

>Hey! SoySauce, Maya here. I just posted some coal onto the Sharty… or did I? Coal as we know it is IMMENSLEY compressed carbon particles. However, gems are also made of carbon particles, but those are the result of millions and MILLIONS of years of time and extreme pressure forging the most glistening of gemeralds.
>So given enough time, this coal will become a gem in the foreseeable future. And if all coals are eventual gems in the making, then by all means: my coalpost is a gempost and Zellig Will Always Be A Gem.
>And as always, thanks for watching!


File: 1712459755167.png (14.45 KB, 557x747, maya mspaint.png)

mouseGODs I kneel. I drew this Maya in MSPaint with a mouse


File: 1712467088792.png (1.86 MB, 1540x696, NewStudent.png)

New 'toss


>>16197 Tomo is zellig culture



looks like Zoey would only have to miss a couple of showers to be one of them






It's absolutely glistening


tranime gem


Imagine the smell




File: 1712533417339.png (140.45 KB, 1920x1080, totalgoonerdeathblood.png)



so…… keyed…………….


'lig is just dutch 'mote thoughbeit


File: 1712544633869.jpeg (540.88 KB, 1001x1249, IMG_4552.jpeg)

Get in the fucking BTR, Maya


baased, need more chadmy


File: 1712570204038.png (1.99 MB, 2000x1500, yes, death!.png)


File: 1712652257676-0.png (4.3 MB, 1677x1524, MayaBrabant1.png)

File: 1712652257676-1.mp3 (6.24 MB, mayalaputa.mp3)

Was listening to this song and felt inspired to make pic and track attached, or something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQRkv-MZwJ8


File: 1712652461065-0.png (4.22 MB, 1677x1524, MayaBrabant.png)

File: 1712652461065-1.png (4.65 MB, 1677x1524, MayaBrabant2.png)

File: 1712652461065-2.png (2.3 MB, 1677x1524, MayaBrabant3.png)

Alts because I couldn't attach them all in the above post


glistening amethyst


File: 1712665246592-0.png (68.69 KB, 1076x1177, Maya test.png)

File: 1712665246592-1.png (1.63 MB, 1252x920, ClipboardImage.png)

Trial and error
Use different material
Compare things with real life
I don't honestly know how to share techniques i only became this good around year 9-10


File: 1713048862113-0.png (9.81 MB, 2500x2500, maya outside.png)

File: 1713048862113-1.png (9.19 MB, 2500x2500, mymy executioner.png)


File: 1713052386942.png (136.17 KB, 234x208, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh my fauci, it's GLISTENING


it's actually pretty grimy and muddy, but that's the point of the artstyle, isn't it? (the art is amazing thoughbeit)


File: 1713053186217-0.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1618x1620, IMG_4119.jpeg)

File: 1713053186217-1.jpeg (3.08 MB, 1896x2358, IMG_4420.jpeg)

File: 1713053186217-2.jpeg (554.54 KB, 1971x2437, IMG_4478.jpeg)

File: 1713053186217-3.png (5.16 MB, 2500x2500, IMG_4479.png)

he’s made other ongezellig art before, i don’t know if he has an account anywhere


oh my high effort sciencing gem


his names Mitchelf, you can find him on nugrounds or whatever


File: 1713564752193.png (Spoiler Image, 20.46 KB, 428x370, ClipboardImage.png)

bottom half left out cause jannies + im trans btw



post 'atbox link


Jarvis, respond to this man with coomersoyjackno4.png please


File: 1713580923315.png (49.13 KB, 716x720, 1695402364590.png)


File: 1713585789401.png (312.09 KB, 716x714, 2024-04-18_17-46-04.png)

magma arts


File: 1713590399782-0.png (519.04 KB, 692x560, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1713590399782-1.png (367.01 KB, 547x560, ClipboardImage.png)

did i post this in zellig i forgot


It's a zem anyway


File: 1713788212622.png (291.93 KB, 590x678, 2024-04-22_15-09-00.png)

Zoey art with mouse


File: 1713788423425.jpg (21.18 KB, 1017x973, 20240421_004603.jpg)


keep that fucking thing away from me christ almighty



draw more of her pls


I want to draw all the other characters.


WTF is that


Found it on Xitter
And I love it


File: 1714181619757-0.gif (508.49 KB, 400x369, waowbouncing.gif)

File: 1714181619757-1.png (327.9 KB, 1920x1080, angelmy.png)



File: 1715393391087-0.png (514.11 KB, 1406x1600, 0.png)

File: 1715393391087-1.png (445.53 KB, 1406x1600, 1.png)


File: 1715423507044-0.png (245.48 KB, 1783x1000, Untitled143_20240504173508.png)

File: 1715423507044-1.png (122.73 KB, 1783x1000, Untitled135_20240423235323.png)

File: 1715423507044-2.png (223.13 KB, 1783x1000, Untitled133_20240423235739.png)

File: 1715423507044-3.gif (184.7 KB, 480x480, Untitled136.gif)

Here are sprites of the zellig characters I made to facilitate animating them
I do plan remaking mymy's since she looks like a rugby ball and the lines look ugly


Great work!


File: 1715584601601.png (12.14 KB, 1194x762, RapeMi.png)

Shit's wonky as all hell, but this was funny in my head so I wanted to share it.




RNWO gem



>it’s coal because.. it just is, ok?!


File: 1715619442498.png (23.51 KB, 482x464, chudhero.png)


>Rape on
What if I consent doe


It'd be just as violent but not as painful as he wouldn't be jamming his penis in and ripping the pussy apart.


>he wouldn't be jamming his penis in
Mimi is a girl thoughbeit


File: 1715773088470.png (155.79 KB, 787x553, Untitled51.png)

My drawing's on /co/.
I'm killing myself.


xir deleted the image just so you could live yourself ❤


not that one, the OP pic


File: 1716071321851.png (7.55 MB, 2000x2500, zellig halloween.png)


5 month early Gemstone


File: 1716594149455.png (59.13 KB, 1189x1519, POV mymy.png)

revenge arc


yo, that's hot stuff


File: 1717293786155-0.png (10.48 KB, 960x540, Vantablack.png)

File: 1717293786155-1.mp3 (3.53 MB, zononder.mp3)

Massa if he found some mspaint autism quest webcomic from 2009
(No I haven't read Homosuck, idc if this image makes sense or not, I felt like whipping up something rq to go with the song).


File: 1717312496876-0.png (831 B, 185x255, Moelle.png)

File: 1717312496876-1.mp3 (3.69 MB, VerlorenMeisje.mp3)

Another one of these only less shit this time (the music I mean).


File: 1717737873755.jpg (2.05 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20240607_012050.jpg)

im a tourist from much kinder imageboards, found y'all while looking for zellig pics :D


DrawTrad ZEM


File: 1717738252884.gif (367.73 KB, 588x588, 1696162292895.gif)



File: 1717774200908.jpg (3.69 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20240607_112844_781.jpg)



>>26633 this isn't just a gem, this is straight up netherite


is thjs good or bad


Reddit tier compliment, but xe's saying it's good because Netherite is better than diamonds


>netherite even doe niggerite


Actual nice drawing!


netherlands reference albeit


May upload this to ChudGunner 👌


its gonna get deleted but i'm here to be the only person brave enough to tell you that this is a gemerald aryanstone


Moooods, ban these 2 pedos


File: 1718764191704.png (4.93 MB, 2141x2560, ClipboardImage.png)

Bump to help you niggas if you're getting into drawing or are drawing, before anything else you should read Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain (4th edition, as it's the most up to date)
If you're frustrated with getting forms right or you feel like you're not "getting it", this book should help you put yourself into the right state of mind as an artist in order to "see things" more clearly as one. It's really been helping me so far.
>It's long though
So are many books. Micro$oft Edge has a built-in TTS for .pdfs if you want a robot voice to help you read better and keep your ADHD at ease.
Also I wouldn't worry too much about getting the material stated in the book, just use what you can to the best of your ability and copy what you see.


File: 1719091239239.png (256.95 KB, 819x826, Left Voor Dood 2.png)

Took me a while




File: 1719091970342.png (8.1 KB, 518x570, 1703650718623.png)

>built 4 BWC


Haters have still not been able to disprove this claim


File: 1719325679682.png (867.24 KB, 907x727, HylicZellig.png)

Hylics is an Aryan game btw


File: 1720324667102-0.png (23.78 KB, 1245x1095, MiygasIndexed2.png)

File: 1720324667102-1.png (25.89 KB, 1175x1095, MiygasIndexed12.png)


I have no idea what these entities are but looks goed of zoiets


left 4 BWC


Hylics is based but Gnosticism is still cringe and gay


File: 1720691639901-0.png (669.16 KB, 1700x1200, maya.png)

File: 1720691639901-1.png (6.75 KB, 177x217, 1720671808509-0.png)


File: 1720892455536.png (7.22 MB, 2000x2500, maya at 3AM.png)


File: 1720900656890.png (447.25 KB, 1958x1120, Supreme Gentlewoman.png)

>I have lived such an unnatural life, devoid of love, happiness, and pleasure.

>As the phrase that I had coined goes: If I cannot join them, I will rise above them; and if I cannot rise above them, I will destroy them.


I love the absolute mess this stuff is slapping in my face, I felt filthy watching it


File: 1721040876898.png (34.48 KB, 1165x1169, Stille Mymy.png)

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