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IAZ and soft NAZ
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File: 1718258998940.jpg (327.73 KB, 1200x1260, Picsart_24-06-12_14-26-33-….jpg)


Which one would you take?


i’d definitely pick the purple pill, it would be so much fun
here’s my ranking for all the pills:
1: purple
2: yellow
3: red
4: brown
5: green
6: pink
7: blue
8: black
9: orange


Definitely Pink
Red: I couldn’t care less about a dude in NZ
Orange: Mymy wouldn’t marry me anyways
Yellow: Nothingburger
Green : He would get jailed after 2 weeks
Blue: All good things must come to an end
Purple: IDC ‘bout jewcial media when my green card gets cancelled


i choose the white pill which removes all /pol/tards from zarty


File: 1718262561106.png (86.84 KB, 381x697, 1717942409425.png)

Kys. This is a National Socialist website


Red because it would be funny if tried to break the current record and all the other choices are retarded:
orange - they would need to be cloned for it to make sense
yellow - I couldn't care less
green - drug addicted retard that made his own army lose the war and 41%ed himself
blue - it would became goyslop
purple - I already am
pink - you would need to be retarded to simp to nazis while not being germanic, there are enough white retards now, I don't need more of them
brown - I don't know about kuz but I guess it cannot get worse than it is now
black - that would be fun, but I prefer Brenton to handle muslims


oh heil hitler


Fair enough but Hitler was based. He almost won but the kikes stopped him. Watch Europa: The Last Battle


mymy instead of mussolini??


Did you watch it?


I prefer Hitler to Mussolini. Mussolini was based of course but he started an unnecessary war with Greece and was sympathetic to islam


underage /pol/tard LARPer website


I watched the first three parts and thirty minutes of the fourth part. I plan to finish it eventually. I very highly recommend watching it


dudee, imagine hitler's reaction when hirohito dragged U.S into da war lmao


Red: this would be great, I'd love to see him shoot up another mosque and get the high score or even just spend the rest of life being free and happy, that'd be up to him
Orange: this one would be worth it if I could somehow marry Mymy but that's very unlikely
Yellow: this would be the best day in the world for VidLii and generally for people who are obsessed with Far right mass killers but some of the other ones are better
Green: this would be great but he'd probably just get life in prison after a week
Blue: this one would be amazing and help the Ongezellig community but we're already doing great and have a lot of fan content
Purple: this one would be very fun but I'm already great at ban evading so it'd just make my life a lot more convenient
Pink: I think this is the one I'd choose. It'd make the world a lot better and help National Socialism rise, it would also greatly improve the lives of my Mexican Neo-Nazi friends
Brown: this would save Sharty, maybe he'd even try to buy Ongezellig again
Black: this one would make the Ongezellig community and the world so much better. Probably my second choice


Yeah fuck Imperial Japan. They were degenerate and bad allies to Hitler


them niggas deserved nagasaki and hiroshima to be bombed


File: 1718264289234.png (12.46 KB, 590x590, Mymy Bride pfp.png)

I would def pick orange
My wife will finally be real!!!


She wouldn’t marry you when she could marry me schizo


back of nigga she's mine


yosack please stop using african american ebonics, it makes you less aryan


REAL. Orange is the only right answer because we can progress towards most of the other goals without the pills.

Stfu nigger she's mine


fight me over it punk ass bitch-ass nigga


File: 1718266310656.jpg (85.71 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20240613_110918_661.jpg)

Orange pill, I mvst find her. Thought the competition would be really high, I know she loves me.


ongezellig posters are white


File: 1718266681126.gif (337.01 KB, 512x652, glowjak.gif)

>Which one would you take?


That's why the orange pill is the worst choice if we couldn't clone them. Too much infighting.


i'm hard


If even just one of them was real, the violence would be so severe that it would the the ultimate Zaryan Extinction Event. It would be the Mayapocalypse, the Cocoatastrophy, the Mymaggeddon, and the War that Kills the Zarty.>>27237


Mymy would never even look at the general direction of you twp chudcels though


File: 1718270488561.png (37.06 KB, 300x293, thoughjak.png)

>Mymy would never even look at the general direction of you twp chudcels though


if any of em were real they would've been fucked already


but they're all 16 years old


suits for me


File: 1718274744332.gif (90.03 KB, 200x200, babyschizo.gif)


LawGOD, please, don't do it…


File: 1718286351106.png (26.05 KB, 775x1127, cobson fact sign.png)

Mymy is a based Aryan Racist who wants a based Aryan Racist boyfriend


Orange and green are tempting but pink would turn literally millions of Latinxs and Slavs into Aryan supersoldiers overnight. Total Aryan victory would be around the corner


File: 1718315713442.jpg (355.11 KB, 1860x2399, hitler-koekje.jpg)

If you choose anything other than brown you're an obsessed retard faggot lets be honest


File: 1718316047873.jpg (144.66 KB, 1080x990, 1634251793841.jpg)

Life could be a dream……..


sucked a pedophile slavnigger larping's dick again for the 3476223875th time award


Would be a one off pony show, not worth it
Coomer pill, pass along
We don't need a video to know what happened
A single man doesn't make an army
Also tempting but it's too selfish and there are better options
Interesting but what would you get after that? You'd need people into positions of power.
Keyed but there are other groups who deserve it much more than that

Either Pink or Blue, really depends


File: 1718328623439-0.jpeg (100.41 KB, 1011x1364, GPvk-17bUAEmjoK.jpeg)

File: 1718328623439-1.png (1.03 MB, 558x813, 1696794718471.png)

File: 1718328623439-2.png (554.65 KB, 1080x1397, 1717648970787.png)

File: 1718328623439-3.jpg (87.8 KB, 915x1056, 1717694880681n.jpg)

Zarty will always be a Nazi website


People seem to forget that the site icon is literally coco with blue eyes and a transparent swastika. Antifatroons oh no no no


I think it's a mix of newtroons, those revolution LARPers and other baiters. The whole appeal of zellig is that you could chud it up as much as you wanted, without it there's not really much to it. Basically it's the community not the product


my ranking for all the pills and why:
1: pink, like what >>27362 said
2: red, xhe deserves to be free and shoot up more mosques
3: blue, we all know why
4: purple, it would be funny
5: black, i hate them all, especially the ones that post here
6: yellow, more edit material ig
7: brown, idc
8: green, dude would probably be assassinated in this day and age
9: orange, coomerslop alert!! xhey would probably be harassed by pedoniggers and obsessed fans, i wouldn't want that to happen to xhem


red - maybe if its with the other guys (roof, breivik etc) also it said escape not released
orange - i want vera
yellow - most useless pill award
green - maybe
blue - maybe
purple - Its not that hard to evade bans
pink - don't think there are that many of them (irl)
brown - maybe
black - there are other types of gooners other than yuriniggers
<reddit space
i think i will go with brown


File: 1718393785054.png (72.96 KB, 775x849, ClipboardImage.png)

>teens unironically going with the blue, black or pink pills and not seeing the very obvious psyops OP is trying to pull
Cmon Zaryans, you're better than this




Orange because Mymy having a social media account would be funny


I am almost sure the color of the pills aren't related at all to have a gotchu moment! Totally not that! I choose blue btw.


orange obviously. I need mymy to be real. My life isn’t complete until I get to marry her. My life is nothing without xer. Fuck what kind of johnson she is built for, she is built for unconditional love and care.


Black is an anti-austin weapon

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