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File: 1701655971838.png (19.93 KB, 961x956, 44 - black_and_white blood….png)

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Does anyone have the full collection of grim mymy's art? We need it for a project, thanks!


File: 1701656817747-0.png (37.58 KB, 986x1007, 48d44b9f14a185eeb683d49fc5….png)

File: 1701656817747-1.png (15.18 KB, 795x878, 1700985959191349.png)

File: 1701656817747-2.png (19.53 KB, 998x1023, 1696636197464007.png)

File: 1701656817747-3.png (11.12 KB, 961x956, 1698516127438260.png)


File: 1701656863577-0.png (23.88 KB, 961x956, 1698510495232779.png)

File: 1701656863577-2.jpg (230.95 KB, 961x956, 1694691332840.jpg)

File: 1701656863577-3.png (24.68 KB, 713x867, 59.png)


holy gemmy never seen all the grimmy's in one place like this


File: 1701657044808-0.png (11.96 KB, 315x832, 1701615646326.png)

File: 1701657044808-1.png (31.16 KB, 400x956, 7b177a235deef49d6e6949c2d0….png)

File: 1701657044808-2.png (1.17 MB, 1024x724, f7752aa63a8348ec8438e47084….png)

These are all the ones I came across, not sure if there are anymore works of art by him in circulation


File: 1701657275915-0.png (41.2 KB, 888x911, 1699792486656-0.png)

File: 1701657275915-1.png (27.15 KB, 619x956, 1699792486656-1.png)

File: 1701657275915-2.png (136 KB, 686x386, 1699819138705.png)

Can't believe I forgot the pumpkin ark!
The third one kinda looks like him but not sure if it's him


File: 1701657382043-0.png (9.57 KB, 397x956, 1701645715105770.png)

File: 1701657382043-1.png (13.56 KB, 713x561, 1701643821094508.png)

File: 1701657382043-2.png (14.27 KB, 998x1023, 1701549255866449.png)

Yeah it's by him


does anyone have the one where she hangs herself?


Grim Mymy would NEVER hang herself. She is too stubborn and tenacious


File: 1701678434407.png (9.49 MB, 1362x1823, 1693748605969.png)



i think I have it, but its Maya, not Mymy.


Mistake from the mod team. You may reupload the pic


File: 1701694460407.png (17.34 KB, 961x956, forbidden image.png)

1984 ass nigga


i love these so much


File: 1701706778229.png (83.41 KB, 961x956, ClipboardImage (5)1.png)


The janny that did that had his salary halved.


halve his lifespan


File: 1701725278606-0.png (15.23 KB, 961x956, 1698735148514.png)

File: 1701725278607-1.png (17.43 KB, 998x1023, 323f1d6d90f43bd1f5e1a55968….png)

File: 1701725278607-2.png (16.92 KB, 445x871, a5cb665d61d0de3e62062e9f2c….png)

File: 1701725278607-3.png (21.95 KB, 563x956, 18cf49d38fe9c30f848cac924a….png)


File: 1701725429564-0.png (23.2 KB, 621x956, 943cb17fa596ea9464bdeb16a3….png)

File: 1701725429564-1.png (31.16 KB, 400x956, 1698638182941-2.png)

File: 1701725429564-2.png (35.28 KB, 974x975, 4dc7cba53655b770b725b73728….png)

File: 1701725429564-3.png (36.17 KB, 998x1023, f9e334e9f521e8953a64f1349d….png)


File: 1701725561977.png (54.13 KB, 961x956, 5c5d5ccc688919620ae998d99d….png)


Hope her gun doesn't malfunction again




File: 1702129386447.png (50.11 KB, 961x956, image_2023-12-09_154256064.png)

new toss


he never misses


File: 1702621628001.png (71.19 KB, 961x956, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 1702865991610-0.png (63.65 KB, 948x841, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702865991610-1.png (88.86 KB, 676x1021, ClipboardImage.png)

This is the cutest shit I've seen vros


My POV btw


Now draw her telling me everything is going to be ok


Actually WE should be the ones telling her everything will be okay pat her head and kiss her on the forehead and hug her albeit


Wow that's really cute)


She sniffes if you're nigger only


Holy gem


File: 1704728718774.jpg (152.88 KB, 678x956, 91F3B71C-D43E-4919-9EAA-54….jpg)


File: 1705294691259-0.png (10.75 KB, 961x956, IMG_4439.png)

File: 1705294691259-1.png (11.2 KB, 961x956, IMG_4440.png)

File: 1705294691259-2.png (11.03 KB, 567x599, IMG_4246.png)


File: 1705356595571.png (22.51 KB, 961x956, IMG_4462.png)


Vera's cold, this shit ain't nothing compared to Donbas


File: 1705423593739.jpg (479.08 KB, 1080x1080, F8CL8pZWEAAbr4J (1).jpg)

Wtf is that third pic?


It's just torture, don't worry


File: 1705428709485.png (14.09 KB, 592x956, ClipboardImage.png)


gemmiest thread




File: 1705434235082.png (8.51 KB, 580x666, kill2.png)

head torture


File: 1705434453849.png (61.71 KB, 245x253, bson.png)

What the fuck


what was the file


a few users on /co/ enjoy making drawings of Maya being a pedophile, they even seemed to have created their own little boy OC that only exists to be raped by her





File: 1705443973515.png (21.37 KB, 357x563, 1701521111397.png)

Wow, 4cuckers project their degeneracy onto others? Who would have guessed?


massa confirmed this to be true thoughbeit


what is it????
Describe it please


Maya fucking a child


File: 1705603858721.png (14.09 KB, 592x956, 1705424257104107.png)

Xhe really went from chud to crud


File: 1705604601186.png (6.75 KB, 177x217, 1701600080585.png)


File: 1705760956095.png (12.14 KB, 683x780, IMG_4501.png)


File: 1705782616996-0.png (10.45 KB, 934x652, IMG_4504.png)

File: 1705782616996-1.png (10.78 KB, 961x742, IMG_4503.png)

File: 1705782616996-2.png (16.5 KB, 410x429, IMG_4505.png)

File: 1705782616996-3.png (32.76 KB, 683x947, IMG_4506.png)


chaos gemeralds


what was the project


i want the artist of grim mymy to participate in the community animation project




File: 1705969314305.png (66.26 KB, 961x956, IMG_4537.png)


Can someone explain me the lore behind those drawnings?


File: 1706126020266-0.png (16.92 KB, 445x871, a5cb665d61d0de3e62062e9f2c….png)

File: 1706126020266-1.png (31.16 KB, 400x956, 7b177a235deef49d6e6949c2d0….png)

File: 1706126020266-2.png (62.41 KB, 998x1023, a7f5619c01a137817305eba0e1….png)

File: 1706126020266-3.png (113.19 KB, 705x517, 4dbafe344237971f4565f73dd7….png)

on ongezelligbooru (the first one) there is partially full collection of those grim mymy's with maya and coco also.


is the third one supposed to be Attack on Titan?


File: 1706265337809.png (18.9 KB, 681x919, IMG_4558.png)


Out if character, that cat wasn't therefore Mymy wouldn't do this


*wasn't black


That's just deplorable…


File: 1706491654835.png (Spoiler Image, 4.89 KB, 427x476, IMG_4570.png)


File: 1706516696648.png (74.78 KB, 961x956, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1706526109419.png (19.19 KB, 865x956, 1704645068949089.png)

new toss


File: 1706610508885.png (58.35 KB, 961x846, ClipboardImage.png)


I love this style, feels like panty & stocking


File: 1706698726108-0.png (138.93 KB, 974x975, 1627688803406.png)

File: 1706698726108-1.png (33.5 KB, 651x956, 1667380587993.png)

File: 1706698726108-2.png (2.21 MB, 1920x1080, 1698433854159.png)

File: 1706698726108-3.png (36.2 KB, 825x956, 1699468223601.png)

Not sure third one is the same guy, since I've never seen him use the smallest stroke size, and he appeared to respond to it in the thread I looked at.
If you trawl desuarchive you can also find titles for a lot of them.


File: 1706698995499-0.png (Spoiler Image, 21.83 KB, 834x695, 1699761219743.png)

File: 1706698995499-1.png (Spoiler Image, 21.26 KB, 834x695, 1699768478562.png)

File: 1706698995499-2.png (554.47 KB, 1080x602, 1700705925538.png)

File: 1706698995499-3.png (70.03 KB, 678x956, 1704728153429.png)

Origin of great pumpkin also PNG version of >>691


I can't believe Mymy would destroy Maya's pussy in such graphic detail


File: 1707209997230.png (26.99 KB, 815x956, wild mymy.png)

new grim art on /co/, it was posted with the message
<Help. I found this wild Mymy and I really wanna pet her, but she won't let me.




File: 1707255384582.png (11.6 KB, 961x727, IMG_4620.png)


The Ruby that saved the Zarty


All im asking is for toss to miss


topical, hope he doesnt quit on us too


aktually, they fetishize female pedophiles because their minds are coomrotten to the point where they wish they were molested as kids


File: 1707403640638.png (190.03 KB, 485x515, darkmaya.png)

The 'Chan is Hell.
Soyzellig is the only peace in this world.


File: 1707437075783.png (32.75 KB, 680x812, IMG_4661.png)


When’d he draw that


>he drew Maya raping a little boy and multiple pics of the girls masturbating and having orgasms, he is the opposite of keyed

what is the meaning of this


I pretend I do not see it


File: 1707471102602.png (152.49 KB, 761x354, ongend.png)


who made these?


"the guy who drew those" >>3799


File: 1707791861393-0.png (13.57 KB, 961x956, mymy with tits.png)

File: 1707791861393-1.png (14.46 KB, 886x1014, someone who can color, pls….png)

File: 1707791861393-2.png (5.54 KB, 649x646, the tits.png)


unexpectedly wholesome turn to this godless thread


there was le wholesome that got deleted by j*nny




mymy kissing her koek pillow, deleted because of nsfw policy albeit


File: 1707800672165.gif (14.72 KB, 175x192, 1704996739999.gif)

kissing?? the last time i saw the image she was literally fucking the pillow thats why it got removed.


you can not have sex with a pillow. anyways maybe that was the one that got deleted and I'm thinking of another one. I still think both were wholesome and funny


pillow captain cookie is a victim of sexual assault.


The pillow pics are here
>>670 (sexing)
>>731 (kissing)
>>732 (sexing)


File: 1707805661195.webm (1.41 MB, 1264x720, VID_20240213002125.webm)

>tfw you accidentally make yourself look like an actual fucking retard


He's my second favorite pedophile (kuzzy no.1)


The third one is someone from here emulating his artstyle


Makes sense, he said "that mymy is inspirational"


gemmy song doughbeit


oh my fauci


what is up withg mymy's obsession for this fucking cereal mascot


i don't know chud i just wish I was that pillow


how so???


first 2 smell like ‘p thoubeit


File: 1708313602390.png (86.36 KB, 1061x1520, 92 - biting_lip cobson mym….png)

>>732 what the actual fuck are those 2 first drawings


File: 1708889451239.png (15.07 KB, 524x1108, IMG_4798.png)

‘toss missed again


didn't miss doe


>joke about pedo-or-fagg
Maksim Martzynkevich classic…


File: 1708913571698.png (4.51 KB, 566x661, IMG_4803.png)


least obvious mymybro propaganda:


>miss even&ough direct bullseye hit from extremely long distance


File: 1709068052100-0.png (26.46 KB, 933x1114, IMG_4819.png)

File: 1709068052100-1.png (241.32 KB, 2540x4328, IMG_4818.png)

(bonus art inspired by his on the right)


Thanks for noticing. I also drew >>11425


File: 1709206393660-0.png (35.37 KB, 600x800, Zooty_angry.PNG)

File: 1709206393660-1.png (94.63 KB, 961x780, Showing.PNG)


new zooterald just dropped


Absolute /co/omer coal


who makes this art?


anonymous on /co/


what was the “project” that op needed these gems for


tsmt tell us


File: 1709340331310.webm (6.19 MB, 720x720, mymy rampage.webm)

My best guess


File: 1709422508647.png (Spoiler Image, 47.86 KB, 833x878, IMG_4880.png)


File: 1709424422610.png (Spoiler Image, 34.87 KB, 710x912, IMG_4883.png)



File: 1709483259716.png (Spoiler Image, 9.99 KB, 441x764, Mydick.png)


It's true that's how my dick look like


File: 1709490226871.png (10.75 KB, 827x828, IMG_4887.png)


File: 1709559781770-0.png (Spoiler Image, 41.23 KB, 922x956, my hero.png)

File: 1709559781770-1.png (Spoiler Image, 31.51 KB, 809x841, maya stop it.png)

First one might be a liittle too explicit but it's also awesome. Second one is more of an oblique zellig reference.


Maya enjoyed it ☺️


File: 1709567211369-0.png (144.51 KB, 974x975, 3_62_82_82.png)

File: 1709567211369-1.png (159.57 KB, 974x975, 3_62_82_93.png)

File: 1709567211369-2.png (37.34 KB, 961x956, ongecide bomber.png)

File: 1709567211369-3.png (29.91 KB, 744x691, ahsoka vs fang.png)

WarioWare screens for the other sisters >>731
Followup to bomb one >>660
Another one from Ms. /co/ 2022 >>672


that last one, never seen that before


File: 1709955236765-0.gif (1.98 MB, 880x720, mymypassestheball.gif)

File: 1709955236765-1.gif (931.22 KB, 880x720, what is dutch.gif)

File: 1709955236765-2.gif (2.87 MB, 880x820, mayamarried.gif)

Dude's a talented animator too


meds, the guy who animated these is a different gooner


nah he just has a more simplified style for animation + different software


Meds, literally where does he say this is xim?


i literally know who animated these gifs and he didnt do the grim mymys


That's pretty good. The idea of a point and click adventure someone suggested springs to mind…


Here's an example from an old Flyday thread where he mentions working on a gif while posting a new drawing: https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/118230822/#118240898
And you can follow the reply chain up a bit to see what the in-progress gif looks like.


eh… style still seems a bit too distinct compared to whoever made the gifs above. Also I recall both of them having a back and forth with each other where the animator drew Mymy jacking off a cat and Grimmy drawing Mymy killing cats. Be kinda weird if xey were the same person replying each other with "too far?" like they're different posters. (and there wouldn't be any point in trying to samefag like that either since, why would you?)


>Also I recall both of them having a back and forth with each other where the animator drew Mymy jacking off a cat and Grimmy drawing Mymy killing cats. Be kinda weird if xey were the same person replying each other with "too far?" like they're different posters.
Found it, but it's two different replies to the same post, a day apart. Still a bit weird I guess.
I only just started collecting the gifs so if you have a bunch of them maybe it would be better to make a new thread, anyway.


>WarioWare screens
What does this mean? WarioWare is apparently a video game but I can't find anything related to picrels.


File: 1709983696967.png (7.56 KB, 240x160, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1710639099802.png (19.31 KB, 737x759, IMG_4962.png)


File: 1710639821779.gif (116.28 KB, 700x385, 1699864527894.gif)

إن شاء الله أقتل هذا الزنجي ☪️☪️☪️☪️☪️


Poor Maya


File: 1710640841042.jpg (132.67 KB, 747x808, 1709098190557-4.jpg)

this image makes me feel weird and not in a goo d way




File: 1710642582867.png (332.17 KB, 1080x1080, 58829 422.png)


File: 1710646767766.png (17.58 KB, 260x340, ClipboardImage.png)

unfathomably based, i can't remember the last time i found an artist who draws faces like this



I swear to god this artist makes like the most well drawn shit that’s either as edgy as a 90 degree angle or the most Gooner scenarios. Does anyone have like a MEGA file for all their known artwork


File: 1710653957422.jpg (515.04 KB, 1062x703, 1708285008684-1.jpg)

>shlk shlk shlk


this thread is the largest and only dedicated archive that I know of. when people ask he says he only posts at whim and I think he's too much of a troll to last anywhere permanent that has like a ToS. if you wanna wade through old soyjak and peridot spam-flooded /co/ threads to find more you're welcome to join me


Incomplete doe, he's done some "softcore pedophilic" artwork of maya and the /co/ victim boy someone linked on the sharty a long time ago. That is obviously not archived here


yeah, there's one showing Mymy's nipples that no one's even tried to upload and I'll be surprised if the one posted earlier doesn't attract some moderator action


the one posted earlier doesnt show anything explicit, so even for the prudeBULLs running this site they will likely leave it up


File: 1710777198295.png (51.88 KB, 1048x1614, 1710776526395156.png)


nobody does this


everbody does this


many such cases!


zero such cases


>25 Mymys


The thing: Mymy edition


File: 1710785674378.png (11.25 KB, 548x431, 1710783381821677.png)


File: 1710793847176.png (7.32 KB, 386x378, IMG_4977.png)


File: 1710794605281.png (82.24 KB, 239x210, 1696817286048-2.png)


canon doe


File: 1710796421818.png (609.87 KB, 1440x1080, ClipboardImage.png)



Mymy in the cuck chair


xhe likes to watch


colonisation enthusiast


File: 1710839768166.png (8.38 KB, 649x552, 1710836790743335.png)




File: 1710849494632.gif (842.88 KB, 384x384, 1710836406950-1.gif)

genetically engineered Mymys NOOOOOOW


File: 1710871873931.png (8.44 KB, 618x431, 1710863307486752.png)




File: 1710964595019.png (10 KB, 822x574, 1710963776537918.png)


File: 1711038902871.png (12.14 KB, 683x780, IMG_4501 (1).png)




File: 1711052208836.png (6.75 KB, 177x217, IMG_4993.png)


I like how he leaned all the way into giving Mymy cat eyes for that one


File: 1711214872174-0.png (133.99 KB, 1416x1375, 316 - biting_lip blushing ….png)

File: 1711214872174-1.png (41.03 KB, 591x781, 1711214806835.png)



File: 1711215020114.png (45.95 KB, 1416x1375, 1699116262839.png)



File: 1711215494314.png (6.54 KB, 479x649, 1711214686703153.png)

He made another peace of art. Pretty fast.


File: 1711216421610.png (434.12 KB, 1906x2048, 3122.png)

i see…



Cam what is your opinion on this


/co/ trannies are at it again


File: 1711223051110.gif (395.99 KB, 464x464, haha.gif)



File: 1711223501032.png (2.68 MB, 3392x2472, ClipboardImage.png)



the downfall of grim mymy


he’s been drawing ongezellig lewds since 2021, nothing has changed


Sad times, for a man to tarnish his own legacy like so


File: 1711483778620.png (831.47 KB, 961x1262, 28650232-18D9-4C55-8716-FD….png)




Crazy this dude can post gooner shit one day and post the most glistening kino shit you've seen the next. Wack.


File: 1711608256090.png (8.7 KB, 664x956, 1711602690386200.png)




I have a desperate need


marge, this could either mean gemstone or brimstone


edit distance or something


File: 1711770482745.png (77.54 KB, 676x1021, ClipboardImage.png)

i dont like this one at all


this is the cropped version, go to the current /co/ thread if you want to see the full thing


File: 1711770867334.png (973.3 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Ongecider fell off


he’s been making lewd art since at least 2021, he never fell off


I understand but never at this rate, yes he did fall off


File: 1711771275563.png (16.76 KB, 100x134, ClipboardImage.png)

curiosity really killed the cat


File: 1711771333046.jpeg (166.86 KB, 649x1023, IMG_5052.jpeg)


'em for gore, blackest crustiest niggerstone straight outta vantahell for the 'ex alone.


i found this on the ongezellig booru


File: 1711772570508-0.gif (73.23 KB, 639x715, ClipboardImage.gif)

File: 1711772570508-1.gif (73.23 KB, 639x715, ClipboardImage.gif)

File: 1711772570508-2.gif (73.23 KB, 639x715, ClipboardImage.gif)

File: 1711772570508-3.gif (73.23 KB, 639x715, ClipboardImage.gif)

>this is the cropped version, go to the current /co/ thread if you want to see the full thing
>he’s been making lewd art since at least 2021, he never fell off
>post the archive thread plz
>i found this on the ongezellig booru


yeah that one's old. the one that just dropped is a sequel to >>736 although they're now decapitated rather than shot.


its gone


its already deleted looks like. had to go on desuarchive


Even the 'cuck deleted it, what a true horror


what was it?


[spoiler] the massa himself having relations with a decapitated body while all 3 heads are on display in the foreground staring at you and the 2 other headless bodies lie in background [/spoiler]


whatever, idfk how to make spoiler text work


File: 1711810211080.png (10.03 KB, 961x956, IMG_5058.png)


God I wish I was that pillow


>God I wish I was that pillow


File: 1711823712963.png (221.39 KB, 885x1035, 1707439577665908.png)



How old is dis one even


2021-10-14 at the latest


File: 1711894620515.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 42.68 KB, 301x481, IMG_5126.jpeg)


File: 1711895000323.png (76.05 KB, 331x385, 1707979255449.png)



File: 1711895347905.png (41.21 KB, 1071x956, mymy caught.png)

Correct https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/126359623/#126365660
Also while combing my bookmarks I found another old one that hasn't been posted.


God's hellfire won't give you both any mercy


No wonder masa throw this show under the bus, you are the definition of unhinged


grim mymy isn’t in this thread, at least, we don’t think so


errmmm acsksually massa cancelled the show because he got no money or whatever the jew said


File: 1711914969397.png (46.44 KB, 255x157, serbjak.png)

please.. stop.. i hate this..


A fine addition to my collection
Also that desuarchive link is horrific i forgot about that one


File: 1711915639648.png (2.83 MB, 3597x3668, 1632662266680.png)

Ancient Seetherald


File: 1711916346171.png (30.13 KB, 998x1023, IMG_5128.png)


File: 1711917908675.png (13.71 KB, 600x450, IMG_5670.png)

Wait 15 years
Something will happen


The only post I suspected of him was this >>789


File: 1712005695990.jpeg (20.3 KB, 286x156, IMG_5145.jpeg)


marge whats this


this is bad.




File: 1712011047907.png (65.64 KB, 889x217, ClipboardImage.png)

marge this ones missing too


jannies deleted it


anybody have a link or something


/co/ No.142936598
you can find it on desuarchive


File: 1712012033689.jpeg (88.24 KB, 1280x720, 214460_after.jpeg)


what the fuck


File: 1712012699957.png (342.92 KB, 1400x1021, op do this.png)

finally hiding this shit thread mods have made it very clear they just don't care


File: 1712013112536.jpg (29.09 KB, 531x428, happy-ongezellig-day-v0-xw….jpg)

im going to shoot myself


File: 1712016211454-0.png (18.96 KB, 589x502, IMG_5150.png)

File: 1712016211454-1.jpeg (71.65 KB, 406x606, IMG_5151.jpeg)

File: 1712016211454-2.png (8.34 KB, 706x378, IMG_5152.png)

File: 1712016211454-3.png (23.31 KB, 822x829, IMG_5153.png)



File: 1712016229293.png (11.27 KB, 705x614, IMG_5149.png)


I suppose you can't have an eccentric artist without him getting up to some "eccentric" shit




File: 1712026527399-0.png (33.27 KB, 1238x957, IMG_5157.png)

File: 1712026527399-1.png (30.8 KB, 681x1048, IMG_5158.png)

File: 1712026527399-2.png (35.77 KB, 1072x1048, IMG_5159.png)

File: 1712026527399-3.png (29.96 KB, 961x1048, IMG_5160.png)


File: 1712026913575.jpeg (125.03 KB, 1547x1548, IMG_5161.jpeg)

do you all actually care about his NAZ art or am i just shitting up the thread?


File: 1712028115140.png (150.17 KB, 1059x929, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't care, I lost respect for xim once he posted all that gooner shit. I think it's high time we dox xis ass once and for all for his gross shit.


>dox the anon we know nothing about besides the fact he posts doodles on /co/
have fun attempting that lol


this isn't doxy.shitty


I considered posting some at one point but I've found literally thousands of pics, so


meh, xhey just does it to get attention, he thinks it's funny but it only makes him look like a degenerate mongoloid
>so HENCKING EDGY drawing mymy getting Lingchi by massa


yeah, i wouldn’t describe his explicit art as pornographic. i don’t think his intentions are to illicit sexual arousal, it’s more so for the shock value


yes to both


> don’t think his intentions are to illicit sexual arousal, it’s more so for the shock value
this chud isnt gussy, so dont treat xim as such


Grim made wholesome comic. Check the 4chan


>ooooooooh ik commen


What's the thread, I dont check 'zellig threads on 4cuck.


is it the one where he opens their stomachs


File: 1712086347084.png (Spoiler Image, 542.18 KB, 582x2047, massacre_CENSORED.png)

I dunno, but here's censored version.


File: 1712088980249.png (11.23 KB, 823x771, IMG_5163.png)

>Oh hey Janny… Um…. You notice anything about my door?


this guy will never cease to fucking crack me up
jannies can't be that mad, or they'd be extending the ban lengths by this point


File: 1712098329572.png (21.7 KB, 774x852, 1711977367630r.png)

The most thersitical zoalmerald from the deepest mines of the darkest corners of mind…

P.s. picrel is a Zoot honest reaction to this


File: 1712098799771.png (99.42 KB, 415x707, 1682629031167.png)

>this guy will never cease to fucking crack me up
>jannies can't be that mad, or they'd be extending the ban lengths by this point


nonsense dust kys


Oh shit no one posted the sex doll comic? If the shlk one flies surely this will


zoot kill him


oh BJJ? what does that stand for?


Big Japanese Jentacle


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
grappling sport


File: 1712210652878.png (623.11 KB, 929x998, 1712210593032.png)

Big Yuri Cock


File: 1712229614543.png (140.21 KB, 810x1080, IMG_1592.png)



There is no place for cock in yuri


File: 1712240514708.gif (39.66 KB, 202x202, 4trooniee.gif)

>Big Yuri Cock


xhe tried to say puffy coco pussy


new comic just dropped


faggot niggers like you need to be deported from soyzellig


File: 1712368058153.png (9.8 KB, 630x645, IMG_5195.png)


File: 1712368563237.png (22.05 KB, 775x1127, 23123.png)

AAAND boiled alive in boiling water OF COURSE


post number 143053267 on co desuarchive is new comic


what the fuck did i just look at


Peak kinography


Please censor genitalia.


File: 1712559969294.png (19.77 KB, 808x956, ClipboardImage.png)


this is so cute i want to shoot up a school with mymy


File: 1712560743949.png (144.24 KB, 961x1352, maya's sex doll - Censored.png)

aight fairs. the sound effects seemed more explicit in my mind.


the state of nofap cucks
literally afraid of human anatomy, lmao


hi grim


I'm an artist, I aint "afraid" of human anatomy, when in the right context.
There's been some real horny ass niggers on this website and im trying to trim down the stuff that's pushing the line. You can talk about BBC an shiee on 4chan.


File: 1712592573882.png (4.91 KB, 184x348, ok.png)

nigga. shut the fuck up




File: 1712618666807.png (19.77 KB, 808x956, 1712559481513103.png)

Fresh outta /co/


File: 1712619433389.png (6.75 KB, 177x217, ClipboardImage.png)


based FLCL fan


File: 1712903949608.png (11.34 KB, 541x888, 1712900247728924.png)


sex with vera……


What wouldn't I do to marry Vera and have babies with her FUCK


She's too old doe


File: 1712917841028.jpg (96.57 KB, 1024x768, noeggs.jpg)


kind of absurdly clean by his standards, like you could colour it with the fill tool


She still has one egg, you just have to try hard enough to fertilize it


Don't listen to these people my fellow Zaryan. You only need to try harder and keep trying


wholesome and funny


File: 1713017073676.jpg (20.84 KB, 304x304, 1711785757662.jpg)

ruined verafagging????????


File: 1713101105143.png (7.48 KB, 522x500, IMG_5249.png)


mymy is so cute chuds


Can someone do a TF2 edit of this thanks


File: 1713221098182.png (25.08 KB, 646x935, IMG_5262.png)

mymy meets mymy


File: 1713229409817.jpeg (51.85 KB, 555x278, IMG_5267.jpeg)

maya helps maya out


File: 1713232844946.png (116.54 KB, 680x874, IMG_5268.png)





Imagine being in the middle


please stop


File: 1713239570681.png (31.58 KB, 632x756, ClipboardImage.png)

niggercoal, this faggot is on a brimstone streak ong…


spammer who posts the same thing in every thread I'm guessing



File: 1713265743898.png (285.31 KB, 897x822, RJ30F8T.png)


Robin Barten… not like this…


File: 1713276945726.png (19.52 KB, 600x800, 1701099261035.png)

Ay that's a little far man, that's a real person there


Grim if you lurk here I think you fucking fell off mang. Actually some nsfw ones are understandable and le hecking edgy but some are just straight up porn, no matter how you strech "artistic nudutity" as a definition. Also isnt drawing a real person a little too far yknow.


moralcord woke up


>moralfagging is der 'cord because uh uh uh uh uh shut up chud


File: 1713285576018.jpg (57.5 KB, 1200x800, GigaChad-Giga-Chad.jpg)

moralfagging is der 'cord because uh uh uh uh uh shut up chud



More like Robin Maya's virginity


aryan replying method



Maya x Robin Barten mutual masturbation.


FYI, Robin Barten is Maya’s voice actress, in case you didn’t know



yurigods… i…


holy live yourself aryan… xhey are so xute…


>File deleted
Marge, for what reason is this removed?
Or it's coal that would kill zarty?


And it was spoilered


Robin Barten and Maya kissing, I guess the jannies deleted it which is aryan as hell.
Fuck yurifags


File: 1713340375435.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.3 KB, 589x252, IMG_5273.jpeg)

>What are you talking about? That's not Maya's VA, that's my original character, Vaya's MA


holy live yourself aryan… time to play this out on my next ongezellig ERP session..


i cant fucking take this anymore

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