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/co/, also known as Comics & Cartoons, is a board on 4chan based around discussion of various cartoons, comics, videos, shows, and movies that are in an animated 2D or 3D style. Ongezellig is occasionally discussed due to it falling under that category.

'Zarty vs /CO/

Smartest /co/omer devising a plan to save the 'lig

/co/ is considered a mortal enemy of the Zarty, as seen by some Zaryans. This reasoning for this is mostly because /co/ has a tendency to post NSFW artwork of the 'Zellig girls whom are considered to be underage by most (around the ages of 16 - 17), meaning that they are minors and drawing them sexually is degenerate pedo behavior.

>boo hoo le ebil degenewates had le fun...

>ACK!tually they are 12th graders™

Some think that while of course, pedo drawings are bad, it isnt justified to start a war with /co/ as many users are innocent or have good talent and provide for the community such as the artist, Cam.